Ski beginner children - 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. - , low Season

Experience level: Beginner

From getting used to the skis to the brake until the first snowplough.
Getting used to the skis
Gliding in the plane
Climbing/Walking up the hill like Stairs
Gliding and braking in snowbplough in a stable position
Controlled braking
Turn right
Turn left
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1 day (2 hours/day)

45,00 €

total for 1 participant

2 days (2 hours/day)

90,00 €

total for 1 participant

3 days (2 hours/day)

130,00 €

total for 1 participant

4 days (2 hours/day)

168,00 €

total for 1 participant

5 days (2 hours/day)

204,00 €

total for 1 participant


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Certified DSV ski school (Germany)

Neue Skischule Winterberg is an officially certified DSV ski school in Germany

Certified pro-school of the DSLV (Germany)

Neue Skischule Winterberg is an officially certified pro-school by the DSLV in Germany